We've got the A's to your FQ's

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Answers to some of the questions we're getting asked most these days...

Will the Cast Iron Pants fit like my Yonder Pants?

If you wear a size 34" in our Yonder Pants, you'll wear a size 34" in our Cast Iron Pants.  They'll actually fit even better because we no longer reinforce the waistband with a stiff piece of polyester grosgrain and have given the waistband a curved shape to match the natural shape of your body.  

Do the Cast Iron Pants and Cast Iron Utility Pants fit the same?  
Yep.  To use some automotive terminology, they are built on the same chassis.  Only difference is in the features.  All of our bottoms are now made in one of the best heavy duty pant factories in the USA, so size consistency from color to color and style to style has never been better.  

I missed out on the last Campfire Pant release, are you making more?
You're damn right we are.  They'll be back and better than ever in March.  New fabric, new fit and if it's possible, even more comfortable.  Stoked to show you what's coming down the pipeline.  

Why aren't there any button down shirts in the web store?
Good question.  We are overhauling our line of button downs from fit to fabric to factory.  Simply put...we liked what we've done in the past, but we know we can do better.  And until we perfect our process, we won't make anything new.  We will tell you that we are cooking up something pretty special.  It's taking longer than we'd like because we want to make the best damn shirts we possibly can.  Stay tuned to our email list / Instagram as details start to leak out you'll be the first to know. 

What's the warranty situation on your products?
Lifetime guaranteed.  Something rips or breaks down, let us know and we'll get you patched up (or replaced if necessary) and back in the field.  Drop us an email at to get the process started.  

Can you guys hook me up with some stickers?
Absolutely.  Just drop us an email at with your name and address and we'll drop 'em in the mail.  We love seeing pictures of where you stick them and so do all the other Edgevale fans.  Snap some pics and tag us on Instagram so we can see what you're up to.

Can I swing by the Oakland warehouse to pick up an order / try something on / make an exchange / have a cup of coffee / eat a burrito?
We'd love to see you.  Drop us an email at if you're keen to swing by and we'll work out a date and time.  

Okay, if you made it to the end here's a video of Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge picking on a dock at Flathead Lake that will definitely make your day better...

Warehouse Jams | Early Morning

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We usually throw this mix on when we open up the warehouse doors in the AM.  It's eclectic, pretty mellow, a little wallpaper'y and puts out the perfect vibe to get your head right before the coffee kicks in and the day starts moving.  Let us know if your digging it in the comment section.

Warehouse Jams | Early Morning (click to listen)

The Nitty Gritty | Cast Iron Pants

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Why are Edgevale pants better?  We sweat the small stuff so all you have to do is put them on and have fun or get to work.  And if you're lucky those two things aren't mutually exclusive.  

Our fit block is made for an athletic body with motion in mind.  With the Cast Iron Pant we've created our signature Athletic Tailored Fit, the perfect balance between slim and straight.  There's room in the thigh for athletically built legs to do work and a gradual taper below the knee so the pants will always drape nicely over your shoes or boots.  We use a soft, curved waistband to match the natural contours of your waist rather than fight against it because durable shouldn't have to mean uncomfortable. 

We like to look good but our priority is to be comfortable and ready for action at any moment.  Restriction is the enemy for the active lifestyle which is why we added a diamond gusset to the crotch.  The diamond gusset eliminates four seams coming together in one spot creating freedom of movement and a more comfortable wearing experience.  A gusset also helps distribute stress around the crotch area making the pants more durable.  

It's hard to cook a great meal without great ingredients.  Making great pants is no different.  Cast Iron Pants are constructed of our proprietary Cast Iron Fabric, a blend of 75% duck cotton and 25% nylon.  The nylon insures incredible durability, the cotton insures comfort and wearability from day one.  The fabric is brushed to our spec for a broken in feel right out of the gate.  We made the fabric in conjunction with Cordura because they are worldwide industry leaders in hard wearing fabrics for military, tactical and workwear applications.   

Cast Iron Pants from Edgevale on Vimeo.

Cast Iron Fabric from Edgevale on Vimeo.