We've got the A's to your FQ's

Posted on January 24, 2017 by Team Edgevale | 0 Comments

Answers to some of the questions we're getting asked most these days...

When can I get my hands on a North Coast Shirt Jacket in heather gray?
The North Coast Shirt Jacket 3.0 will hit the website for pre-order in September.  We upgraded the fit and added some slick new details. You're gonna be stoked.  Check your email and Instagram for updates. 

Do the Cast Iron Pants and Cast Iron Utility Pants fit the same?  
Yep.  To use some automotive terminology, they are built on the same chassis.  Only difference is in the features.  All of our bottoms are now made in one of the best heavy duty pant factories in the USA, so size consistency from color to color and style to style has never been better.  
I missed out on the last Campfire Pant release, are you making more?
You're damn right we are.  They'll be back and better than ever in September.  New fit, new features and if it's possible, even more comfortable.  Stoked to show you what's coming down the pipeline.  

What's the warranty situation on your products?
Lifetime guaranteed.  No strings attached.  No bullshit.  Something rips or breaks down, let us know and we'll get you patched up (or replaced if necessary) and back in the field.  Drop us an email at info@edgevaleusa.com to get the process started.  

Can you guys hook me up with some stickers?
Absolutely.  Just drop us an email at info@edgevaleusa.com with your name and address and we'll drop 'em in the mail.  We love seeing pictures of where you stick them and so do all the other Edgevale fans.  Snap some pics and tag us on Instagram so we can see what you're up to.

Can I swing by the Oakland warehouse to pick up an order / try something on / make an exchange / have a cup of coffee / eat a burrito?
We'd love to see you.  Drop us an email at info@edgevaleusa.com if you're keen to swing by and we'll work out a date and time.  



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