Our Story

We don’t think an outdoor lifestyle should have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a ramble around a local park, a beer with a view at sunset or a weekend car-camping getaway with friends. Edgevale exists in the everyday outdoor moments.

We decided to start Edgevale in 2013, after a weekend spent at a bluegrass fest in San Francisco. The day (like a lot of Saturdays in the Bay) started with a five-mile bike ride in 80-degree weather and ended with a cold, damp, foggy trek to a bar for apres-bluegrass beers… with a lot of dancing and rambling in between.

That’s when it hit us: of all the highly technical outdoor apparel and stylish gear in our closets, there was nothing we actually wanted to wear that could also handle the elements of an action packed day doing the things we love. So we decided to make it ourselves. It started with a shirt that’s also a jacket, and grew from there.

We set out to create a functional, locally made apparel line that reflected the aesthetics and versatile needs of our outdoor lifestyle. Each product is tailored to look sharp, and engineered for outdoor utility and comfort.


All Edgevale products are designed in Oakland, adventure-tested in northern California, and made in California.  

We’re proud that our products are made near the natural surroundings that inspire them, and that our workers are paid a fair wage. Being close to our production facility means we can seamlessly make improvements to our product line as inspiration strikes. It also allows us to act quickly on feedback from customers. We’re involved with the process at every step. That’s the simple secret of delivering great quality to our customers.


We like our pants and shirts broken in, with memories burrowed deep into the fabric. But nothing lasts forever, so we back all of our products with a lifetime guarantee. If your gear needs a repair, drop us an email. Shipping is on us. So is the repair.


Developed in Oakland, CA and manufactured locally using the best raw materials.
Designed for versatility: tailored to look sharp and engineered for outdoor utility and comfort.

Made to go the distance no matter where you choose to ramble.